California Events List of Things to See and Do in the State of California


Day in and day out the editors of our site work constantly on events for people to enjoy when visiting or living in California. From Fairs & Festivals to Farmers Markets that bring shoppers out to purchase fresh foods and produce from locally grown sources, Shopping continues to provide one of the most popular activities and events statewide. Trendy shops to simple farmers markets and crafts fairs provide so much great entertainment, and there often is some sort of music or other attractions that surround these weekly events.


Other weekly happenings that are extremely popular, thanks to the balmy weather are the weekly Car Shows such as cruise ins at drive-ins, and meet ups at Ruby's Diner, Bob's Big Boy or Sonic Burger. Yum. You get to see classic cars and dine on classic foods. You don't even have to wait for the next Chili Cookoff to enjoy something tasty & spicy. And when you think of Dining, California's one of the top spots for dining events. Throughout the year you may attend a Wine Tasting, brewery sampling, food festival, Gingerbread House contest or some other seasonal event that brings food to life, and ties it to a whole lot of fun.


With so many foods and clothes to try on, exercise is around every bend in California. Tournaments, 10 K Runs, races and even an Iron Man style event all make life much more interesting and usually healthier, to boot.  In addition to the great water sports on California's Lakes, Kayakers can also hit the beach. If you want a thrill, maybe you'll take up Surfing.


Outdoorsmen and women don't limit themselves to boats and vessels.

Ducks & Birds are great to watch. On California piers you can fish for free! And while you're out breathing that great air, you might consider taking up Golf on one of California's several hundred premier courses. Remember...most are open all year long, with the top notch weather in the world.


For history buffs and families with kids Museums are focused on learning all kinds of things. Missions in California number 21 and and span our favorite region--the coast! Get out and see them. Our favorites include Lompoc's La Purisima Concepcion.


I never knew I had it in me to love Waterfalls but a recent trip to Yosemite just made me fall in love with them. Caves are something you'll especially come to love in places such as Redding on the northern part of the state where summers routinely are over 100 degrees. Inside its a cool 50 something in a cave. Mountains in California offer all kinds of sports, including Skiing,

and a sport some are truly passionate about, gambling at casinos.


We actually left out a lot of activities such as kids playgrounds, sandcastle festivals and sandcastle building, volleyball, beach bonfires and dog walks. But we'll save those for another day. They're just more reasons you should get out and do things in California.







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