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Azumi Williams Skates at Seaside Ice in Redondo Beach


Azumi Williams of Seaside Ice rink in Redondo Beach has some fun with her adoring fans, a group of girls who admire her fancy footwork and move.

scott and azumi williamsAzumi Williams, part of a dynamic duo with husband Scott, a world champion figure skater,  enjoys not only her professional career as a ice skater, but also works as Marketing Director at the newest Southern California ice skating rink, Seaside Ice.


In the video shown above, Azumi has fun on the ice and is noticed by a group of pre-teens who come over and tell her how great they thin she is. Reaching her hands out, Azumi skates with the girls for a short time.


Azumi Williams and Scott Williams excel not just in figure skating, but in choreography, staging and in production capability. Scott has produced some heavy-hitting skate shows around the globe and enjoys working with his wife, who's an expert on dance. Combined their skills help create award-winning productions. Scott has been known not only for his world skating awards, but also for being Michelle Kwan's coach in the 2002-2003 season.