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Video Anita Brace Photo Exhibit Huntington Beach, CA




The Eclectic Eye is a photo exhibit on display at the Huntington Beach Central Library Windows Gallery. It is but one example of rotating featured exhibits in the gallery throughout the year.


Location: Central Library 7111 Talbert Ave., Huntington Beach, CA. Hours: Regular library hours.


The Eclectic Eye, a photo exhibit by Huntington Beach photographer Anita Brace, showcases the artistt's works and world travels. From a variety of faces to buildings, nature and scenics, Brace captures people, places and things with the keen of someone who sees the world and its visual elements through the skillful lens of a camera.


From an early age, Brace was fortunate to share her mother's passion for art (her mom was a painter), and the native Californian began composing images in her mind, as well examining and learning about light.


Fulfilling several careers, the accountant by day, travels extensively around the globe, always taking at least one camera to document the people and images that not only inspire Brace, but also serve as material for her next gallery show.


In Huntington Beach, Brace's work has appeared in several galleries and shows, including a permanent exhibit at City Hall.


Brace's passion for travel and photography has taken her to most continents. While visiting, she often takes tools of the trade to soften her audience to the camera, and gain cooperation. In some countries she may take balloons for the kids (easy to pack, lightweight, etc.), and many times she represents an organization near and dear to her heart, Soroptimist International. Fulfilling that non-profit organization's mission, she has presented shoeboxes filled with useful items to villages where the needs are great and resources are scant. Brace states that she follows several passions during her trips around the globe. She says that while she enjoys the travel and photography, she also hopes to create goodwill during her journeys.


You can find Brace's work, contact, etc. on