California Training, Instruction, and Education

Top California Training, Instruction, and Education Directory Categories

The California Training, Instruction, and Education Directory is a collection of schools, training centers, and teachers who can help you learn just about anything. The educational resources in this directory range from huge public and private colleges and universities to the local corner specialist who can teach you something fun to do.

In the lifestyle learning categories you’ll find experts who to teach many fun and useful skills for a living. Many of us would like to be better cooks, for example, and there are chefs with years of experience teaching cooking classes at specialized cooking schools. Other experts offer training in various crafts and hobbies. Some of these instructional classes include pottery and ceramics, doll making, and scrapbooks. Want to learn more about computers – there are many training centers that offer specialized classes that quickly teach you to be more proficient.

Taking time to learn how to play musical instruments and how to dance can be very rewarding. There are teachers who specialize in piano, guitar, jazz instruments, and even orchestral instruments. Dance classes can teach you almost any form of dance from jazz and tap to swing and hip-hop. And to relax later you can take yoga classes!

Sports instructors are always seeking students. Learn a new sport or improve your skills in things such as swimming, tennis, skating, gymnastics, and even rock climbing.

Learning a foreign language is often found on people’s “to do lists” and we have many schools that can teach you almost any language. This goes beyond the common Spanish, French, and German you can learn in high school to include things like Chinese, Japanese, and specialized languages such as those in Africa.

One of the larger categories is Martial Arts. This broad category has businesses that teach many different skills that can improve your fitness and also help you protect yourself. The classes and schools include things such as self-defense, boxing and kickboxing, and even fencing. You can find schools in all major Asian and other specialized martial arts such as karate, tae kwon do, aikido, judo, jiu-jitsu, kung fu, and tai chi to name just a few.

California has a long list of colleges and universities (both public and private) and technology and vocational schools. Many of these institutions teach classes in the evenings and have ways to take classes and learn new skills without taking time off from work. Learn just about anything including art, aviation, first aid, massage, modeling, nursing, real estate, floral design, beauty, bible, medical and dental assistant, public speaking, driving, etc. See our Schools section for all your options throughout Northern and Southern California.

There are so many things to learn and so little time!