Picture Taking Tips from former Disneyland Photographer

picture of tourist at Disneyland
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Tips from former Disneyland Photographer Rene Bardeau



 Are you looking for Disneyland picture taking tips? Two of the most-photographed spots are Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the floral Mickey Mouse at Main Street entrance. On sunny days, both are in direct sunlight between 11 AM 1 PM. Keep your human subjects in the foreground, close to the camera rather than far away  where they'll look like ants. Have them take off their sunglasses and push their hats back to remove shadows from face.


Best bets for getting photos of people on rides are the Astro Orbitor in Tomorrowland, Main Street rides, Dumbo  the Flying Elephant, King Aurthur's Carousel and The Mad  Tea Party teacups.  Take your picture before the ride starts  moving.

Follow the sunlight from Critter Country to Tomorrowland. Morning and early afternoon provide the best light in  Critter Country, New Orleans Square, Adventureland and Frontierland. From 2 PM onward, the best light will be in  Tomorrowland. As the sun goes down, the vivid colors of Tomorrowland will become muted with an orange tint.


 Disneyland Parade looks better with recognizable landmarks in the shot.  The best place is the east side of
 Main Street USA near Main Street Magic Shop and Disneyland Showcase.


 Dark rides are tough. On Pirates of the Caribbean or It's a Small World, try ASA 1000 color negative film  and a very slow shutter speed and do your best to hold the camera still  on your subject for the duration of the shot. Before Bardeau retired from his photo job in July of 1998, he announced that thousands of images would be archived for future generations to enjoy.