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Photos of Wet Dogs Run with Ball at California Beach

California beach dog photo

Photo of dogs with yellow tennis ball at the California beach


Nothing's more fun than watching dogs at the beach chasing balls, chasing waves, chasing anything at all.  Shown above at Ocean Beach in San Diego are two dogs enjoying a romp along the shoreline. One has the ball and one's tongue is hanging loose.

When you go to a California beach with a dog or two or three, you'll find out if your pet is cut out for it. Most love the beach but some owners are amazed to discover that their pets are not so happy, nor social. Pet owners often assume that their dog is going to chase balls in the water and love it, so naturally they are dismayed to discover that their pet won't dive in.

In additional to the Pacific Ocean being cold along the California coast (temps range from 50's to 70 degrees), some pets can be psychologically damaged (not kidding, says one pet psychologist), by being forced into the water at an early age and not being able to swim.

Owners are advised to watch for your dogs swimming ability and patterns as many a dog has required water rescue. Also from a pet veterinarian comes the advice to thoroughly rinse your dog from head to toes when leaving the beach.