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The scariest hotel in California opened May 5, 2004 at Disney's California Adventure.

Disneyland's California Adventure Tower of Terror Interior Pictures


As you get in queue to enter the Disneyland Twilight Zone Tower of Terror of ride, you first notice the exterior of the building has been burned and looks nearly gutted out on its upper stories that are open to the sky. It's all an illusion to scintillate your imagination and excite your fantastic mind as you envision the unforeseen terrors that lie ahead of you in this Disneyland thrill ride. 

You and your friends pass by a lobby with dusty furniture, an old suitcase and some artifacts of another era.  Led into a library, the mood in this room is set as the sights and sounds begin to get closer and more ominous. Passing through a series of boiler rooms, and dark and cobwebbed spaces, you'll follow a line to an elevator where a bellhop sets the stage and  you embark on a thrill ride to remember. You'll be sitting in a rustic seats lined up 5 or 6 to a row.


With an elevator shaft that's really a vertical conveyance device, you'll be moving fast (faster than the speed of gravity), then dropped as if your elevator has broken, creating a sense of temporary weightlessness. For those who have fears about elevators, you may want to face them head on or completely avoid this ride that could either be fantastic, or fearful, depending on your frame of mind.


The next time you step into an elevator, imagine how it would feel if the lights went out and the elevator cable broke.


Housed in Hollywood Tower Hotel, the Pueblo Deco architectural style is characterized by clean, geometric shapes common to Art Deco. It also borrows elements from Native American art with radial sunbursts, arrowhead shapes and simplified thunderbird motifs. Los Angeles City Hall building is an example of this motif.

It took 900 tons of steel, over 1,600 cubic yards of concrete, over 50,000 square feet of exterior plaster and two miles of HV DC power cable to build this ride.




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