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Disneyland California Adventure Theme Park Rides at Paradise Pier


Paradise Pier


Anaheim, California--If you haven't visited Disneyland (California) newest theme park, California Adventure, you'll be glad to discover the same magic that Walt Disney introduced to the world with his original theme park in Anaheim now appears in this smaller, friendly park that uses the park hopper passes so guests can go between the two theme parks. With a beach-theme, old-fashioned arcades and some colorful rides, the park is especially kid and tiny tot friendly while still offering enough fun to keep the adults entertained and on the run.


Note: Disneyland California Adventure is experiencing a Make-Over. We will update the list below as changes and announcements are completed.


Must be this tall to ride California Adventure Paradise Pier Ride Descriptions and Information
California Screamin'
48 inches 
It appears to be a nostalgic wooden roller coaster, but underneath it's a modern steel coaster designed to elicit screams. Accepts Fast Pass
Golden Zephyr A nostalgic Buck Rogers' rocket ship ride
Jumpin' Jellyfish
40 inches
Orange, red and yellow colored jellyfish are the theme of this easy-paced ride in which you sit and rise to the top, where the jellyfish unfolds like a parachute, then gently floats back down to ground level where the ride ends.
King Triton's Carousel Ocean-themed carousel with marine creatures instead of horses
52 inches 
It looks like a common fast-drop-from-a-high-spot ride, but instead of being dropped, youre skyrocketed 200 feet in the air in two seconds
Mulholland Madness
42 inches 
Is a cute, easy-going roller coaster that moves fairly slow and doesn't climb to high. Riders take an amusing journey through the California freeways in automobile-themed vehicles, viewing some celebrities along the way. Accepts FastPass
Orange Stinger
48 in inches 
Is a huge sliced California orange filled with bumblebees in a swing ride similar to the swings at Knotts Berry Farm.
Sun Wheel The ferris wheel with a golden sun happy face rises 150 into the air overlooking a blue lagoon at California Adventure theme park at Disneyland. It includes gondolas that are raised by a wheel, sliding in the interior curves as the wheel turns.




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