Disneyland's New California Adventure 
1313 Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim. (714) 781-4565 www.disneyland.com

Disneyland's trademark California Adventure opened in February 2001. This smaller park (one third the size of Disneyland) right next door to Disneyland offers the same parking and same price admission. The new park also has parades, restaurants, thrill rides, shows, arcades and lots of shops. Disneyland offers a one day ticket to the new park or sells passes with savings offered and options to attend the Adventure park or Disneyland in a park jumper three day pass option. Here are some attractions: 
  • Paradise Pier is designed to represent a California boardwalk from earlier days. 
  • Screamin is a roller coaster modeled after wooden roller coasters of the 1920's. Taking you from 0 to 55 miles per hour in under five seconds with a loop around Mickey's ears.  Enjoy the 180 foot drop and the twists and turns of excitement new to this corner of Anaheim. 
  • Sun Wheel is modeled after Coney Island's 1927 Wonder Wheel. It offers two opportunities. You can ride the stationary gondola which provides a traditional ferris wheel experience or your can board a gondola which slides on a rail and rocks as it rotates. 
  • Maliboomer is three 180 foot towers which take you to the top, then drop you back down. 
  • Mullholland Madness offers twists, turns and obstacles, Golden Zephyr is a spinning spaceship, Jumpin' Jellyfish is an easy going  children's ride, Orange Stinger is a four-story  California orange  complete with orange scents and a spiraling ride inside, King Triton's Carousel with 56 aquatic creatures to sit on and bob up and down and boardwalk games. 

Editor's Review: The new California Adventure is fantastic! Enhanced virtual reality experiences include smells and special effects that make shows seem more real. As you approach the park admission gates, California looms large with the word spelled out in sculptured letters, C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A. Beyond the entrance, you pass intricate tiled murals of San Francisco which lead to a replica Golden Gate bridge you walk under. Straight ahead is the Hollywood experience and to the right is Grizzly Country and Paradise Pier. 

A stroll down the Paradise Pier boardwalk at night includes classic tunes such as "Wish they all could be California girls," or "This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius,".  People stroll with their kids, grandparents and mates and sing the words as screams from a roller coaster ride that dips and dives can be heard. Don't hesitate to visit California Adventure and check out some special surprises at California Soarin' and It's Great to Be a Bug.

The park is clearly Disney branding with merchandise opportunities galore. Now offering sticky buns and espressos, Disney is finally departing from the "one size fits all" approach to theme park food. Be prepared to pay close to $5 for a triple shot espresso drink and several dollars for a specialty muffin. 

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The fine art and quality air brush looks we expect from the world's best graphic artists put to the imagineering test do not disappoint.  As a photographer, I have a special appreciation for graphics, which I find mesmerizing at the Cal-Adventure Hollywood back lot. My night time visit and awe-struck amazement at the use of color made me wonder how an amusement park must go about creating a daytime splash and using the same canvases, so to speak, to paint the night scene.  With the return of the Electrical Light Parade debut in the new California Adventure park, guests will come and linger for the night light adventure. 


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