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Disneyland's Private Facilities The Cane Bathroom Seat Cover


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Private Club 33 (pictured above) and Blue Bayou Restaurant are in the same building  in New Orleans Square.  fancy toiletBlue Bayou is open to the public while Club 33 is a private upstairs restaurant with its own intercom system to admit guests. 


Pirates of the Caribbean ride passes by the Blue Bayou restaurant where no matter what time of day it is, inside it is always night. Twinkling lights, fireflies and  the sound of crickets chirping create an atmosphere intended to mimic the feel of New Orleans. Blue Bayou has some of the tastiest food in Disneyland with clam chowder, Cobb salads and other specialties rising above the standard burger faire served at many Disneyland shops. 


People don't typically discuss bathrooms in association with food but the restroom at Club 33 is special. On our visit, the women's restroom had several toilet stalls with cane seat covers you could look down the little holes through to see the toilet bowl below. As you can see, the stalls were very small on our visit. The men's facilities are ordinary and uneventful, I was told by a man. 


Club 33 admission is private and must be arranged in advance (contact Disneyland for details). The restaurant feels more like a house than a dining establishment.  As you climb the stairs or take the antique elevator, rich wood tones, collector furnishings, fresh cut flowers on hallway tables and a quiet atmosphere exuding elegance are in striking contrast to the window views of crowds of people passing through New Orleans Square below. Corporate functions pick from special menus while regular dining offers a buffet for around $50 . Fresh pastas are prepared to your taste at a pasta bar while the buffet offers numerous chilled salads which include sea foods and grilled vegetables and main dishes with chicken, beef, fish and pork.  Then there's a pastry table with various cakes and confections. 



Imprinted matches with your reservation name on them used to await you at your table. The advent of "no smoking" laws in California ended that amenity.  Bottled water is poured into your wine glass and though you don't see your food server, he or she is usually there, waiting to cater to your needs of drinks and removing the plates so you can return to the buffet for more. 



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