Desert Hot Springs, CA - Travel and Things To Do

Located in the magnificent mountains of California, Desert Hot Springs is a city that has been overlooked, not because of its beauty, but because of its rarity. Just south of its sister city, known famously as '90210, ' this rare treasure of a city has flourished. Famous for its nudist colony back in the 1960s and 1970s, the city has in recent years used these facilities to bring about revival. The city has been visited regularly by skateboarders that have used the pools and such for skateboarding surfaces. It is part of the Southern California Skate Parks. Joshua Tree National Park, a famous tourist attraction, draws many visitors hoping to see the city that boasts of having the best mineral drinking water. Hot Springs Park is an interactive park for school groups wanting to see the process in which groundwater is made into drinking water. Also, for the historically interested, a museum built by the original homesteader, Cabot Yerxa, offers tours detailing the history of the city.

This city is located in Riverside County and was founded in 1941. Desert Hot Springs, or '92240', has greatly multiplied its inhabitants in the past twenty years, and continues to grow. Many well-known actors and actresses have escaped to this city to recoup at DHS', as it is also called, famous inns and spas, which have been named as one of the top ten travel destinations. Novelist Noel Langley and late actress Joan Woodbury were residents of Desert Hot Springs shortly before their deaths.

In the late 90's, with the influx of new inhabitants, the city built its first high school with 642 students. Since then, it has added three elementary schools and one middle school. High school enrollment has increased to 1,974 in 2008. True to this city's name, each school has adopted the name of a desert animal as its mascot: coyote, jackrabbit, roadrunner, etc.

Desert Hot Springs' weather is also true to its name. The weather can seem dry and reach over the 100 degree mark during the summer season; however, it also has some of the best hot springs in the west, hence, its name. It many Spanish restaurants, El Matador and South of the Border, have competition from other ethnic restaurants such as Capri Italian and Kam Lun Chinese Restaurant.

A few years ago, Desert Hot Springs gained notoriety for a lawsuit filed by a resident that claimed discrimination. The city paid millions of dollars for legal fees over several years. This led to the city filing bankruptcy. It is said that the city is slowly regaining its financial freedom from this event. Unemployment, like all over the United States, is at about 10 percent.

The local newspaper, Desert Valley Star Weekly, started in 1969 is as informative as any major city newspaper. Desert Hot Springs continues to attract people wanting to get out of the city in search of a more suburban, yet rural feel. It also continues to improve upon its downtown structures. It is in the process of planning a revitalization of its city buildings. Desert Hot Springs is located only 100 miles from downtown Los Angeles and about a two hour drive from San Diego.

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