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Debbie Stock

Publisher, Writer, Editor and Photographer


Debbie Stock is publisher of and other travel news web sites.

Among her online credits, Stock has received numerous awards for and also won an international web award for She's launched web sites for over a dozen organizations and companies during the past 10 years. One of the most memorable sites was built and launched in a single day. Stock successfully got a scientist booked on Coast to Coast AM, a radio program with a 10 million listener audience daily. The author had no web site for the program to link to for book sales and information, so Stock got a web site up and running, resulting in an instant 50,000 unique visitors in the same day!

Beginning her journalism career at the University of Kansas as staff photographer for the Daily Kansan, she graduated with honors from the William Allen White School of Journalism, then worked over a year as Chief Photographer and Roving Reporter for a Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. Relocating to California, she began writing feature, travel and news stories for numerous publications, including Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, San Francisco Chronicle and San Diego Union-Tribune. Stock also wrote business stories and profiles for Executive publications under the direction of an award-winning Business Week editor, plus articles about heating systems, energy resources, pharmaceuticals and many more topics for a variety of trade and consumer publications.


Assigned to a two-year project for an Olympic Games sponsor and Fortune 500 firm, she helped win a national public relations award with a successful news campaign that was published as a case study in a college textbooks. Her contributions to a variety of corporations and public utilities have helped garner awards for many publications and promotional programs.

As press director for a nonprofit research organization, Debbie Stock became one of the top media contacts worldwide. Over a four year period she sent news releases to national and international media outlets, yielding thousands of articles in consumer magazines, newspapers, TV and radio programs. She assisted in production of many television specials by providing content, guests and film locations. Working with industry leaders, astronauts, top researchers, journalists and authors to simplify technical issues for public consumption, she proudly helped spread the word about science discoveries that bridge the gap between humans and their understanding of the world.


For several decades Debbie Stock has taken photographs and written news stories for Fortune 500 firms Edison International and ATT&T, covering technical topics, spot news and major events. From breaking news about major earthquakes to features about offshore oil platforms, her assignments have taken her on trips in the Pacific Ocean, underground to explore manholes, or up in the air on telephone poles. In the travel industry she has visited kitchens of renown chefs, gone behind the scenes of many theme park rides and viewed hundreds (if not thousands) of hotel rooms and suites.

"Today's traveler can be a six year old who routinely flies between two cities to see dad and mom," said Stock, who often sits next to children on flights. While women now make travel decisions over 70% of the time, don't overlook kids and their influence on travel and vacation trips. That child who commutes between cities and parents on jets, may sooner than you think look to outer space for the next thrill ride. The understanding of what constitutes travel and even a vacation will continue to evolve and take on new meaning as we search for ways to expand our horizons as humans.


TELEVISION: ABC Good Morning America, BBC News, ESPN, MSNBC, NBC News, SPIKE TV, The Travel Channel, UPN NEWS, Fox, The History Channel and more.
PRINT: National Geographic, Time Life, Sunset Publishing, Knight Ridder - Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Disney's Family Fun, Sierra Heritage, Better Homes & Gardens, Great Resorts and Hotels, California State Visitors Guide, IREM - Real Estate Management, RV Travel, Road and Track, Popular Mechanics and Christian Science Monitor. Published in over 50 countries that include Canada, Mexico, Germany, Holland, UK, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy and more. Books: Gold Country; The County of Orange-Center of Southern California; Huntington Beach, Gem of the South Coast; California Gold Rush Glimpses. Exhibits include 16-foot murals in Children's Museum, Los Angeles.


Traffic to California Travel News Internet publications that include now averages close to 40 million unique visitors annually. (Note: "Unique visitors" to a web site tells you how many individual people actually looked at your site, one at a time. On most statistical programs such as the third party software we use, a visit is only counted once in an hour's time, so as not to skew results and spike the number to boost web traffic claims in an effort to attract advertisers. If someone tells you how many hits a site gets, request the number of unique visitors, which is a much lower number.)   In addition, Stock's work is published in newspapers, magazines and books with estimated circulation annually of around 500 million.