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Death Valley National Park - California National Parks



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Death Valley fine arts photographs were taken by famed Landscape Photographer Timothy Wolcott. These images are sold in archival prints (see information at bottom of page).


Death Valley is located in Inyo County, which was named by Native American Indians to signify the dwelling place of the great spirit. Death Valley got its name from a small group of pioneers who got lost and died in the desert in 1849-1850. Though one sad incident has been immortalized, Death Valley is a truly magnificent land with natural diversity beyond compare. Inyo County, formed in 1866 from parts of Mono and Tulare Counties, contains the highest peak in the lower 48 states (Mount Whitney). Death Valley is the lowest point in the U.S., and the Great Basin bristlecone pines at Methuselah are the oldest life forms in the world. Nature's beauty is seen everywhere in this land of contrasts. With 92% of the land in federal ownership, many adventures await travelers searching Death Valley National Park is located east of the Sierra Nevada mountains with a small portion in Nevada. The park covers over 5,000 square miles stretching from mountain ranges to several valleys. Home to many species of plants and animals that have adapted to this harsh desert environment, Bighorn Sheep and Coyote can survive in the desert wilderness.


The most popular drive in Death Valley is the Badwater Road. If you have only a few hours to visit, go to
Devil’s Golf Course, Badwater, and take Artists Drive on the return trip back to Highway 190. This 1½ hour (approx.) round-trip can include a stop at Zabriskie Point if you are continue east, or stop at the sand dunes if you are heading west. That will round your trip out to a two hour journey.
to round out your 2 hour visit.


The wildflowers in bloom in the spring can be spectacular but you'll only catch them if the conditions are just right in Death. If rain falls in several storms throughout the winter and spring the flowers may
bloom in late march and early April in the park’s low elevations, April and May at
mid elevations, and into June in the mountains.


Where's the beach? Less than 5 hours by car and just over 200 miles distance are the beaches of Los Angeles in Santa Monica. The two locations seem so removed from each other but they are actually connected through the sands and years of time (1700 million years, approximately). Warm shallow seas once contributed to the uplifting of land in which volcanoes were formed. Basins and ranges were shaped through weathering processes, creating the arid desert regions that at one time may have experienced lush, tropical climates. Through this same process came 14 of California's fifteen peaks that exceed 14,000 feet  in elevation, plus the largest escarpment in the United States, rising from the floor of Death Valley to the top of Telescope Peak in the Panamint Range.


Death Valley's 20th century fame rose on the back of the 20-mule team carrying the mineral, borax. Early radio and TV ads proclaimed its marvelous properties for soaps. In 1933 Death Valley National Monument came into being and after years of lobbying by a variety of interests, the monument became a national park with its lands expanded in 1994.


The granite peaks of the High Sierra have been sculpted by glaciers, wind and weather into some of Natures most glorious works of art. The John Muir Wilderness has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. Our county is dotted with historic towns providing professional services and the equipment one will need for ones excursions, whether it’s backpacking, fishing, horsepacking, skiing, climbing, biking, photography, or just sightseeing. Trout fishing, hiking in the Sierra, alpine climbing, backcountry skiing, hang gliding, horsepacking and mountain biking are all popular activities.

Cities and towns in Inyo County include Big Pine, Bishop, Cartago, Darwin, Dixon Lane-Meadow Creek, Furnace Creek, Homewood Canyon, Valley Wells, Independence, Keeler, Lone Pine, Mesa Olancha, Pearsonville, Round Valley, Shoshone, Tecopa, West Bishop and Wilkerson.


California's National Parks ( are entities operated under a national land management system. Their diversity both geographically and in offerings are striking. Some are located on the Pacific Ocean with others situated in California's arid deserts. The National Park Service maintains a total of 23 different units in California including nine National Parks. National Park Service areas offer visitors a wide variety of adventures from historical and cultural experiences to natural wonders seen nowhere else on earth. Not to be confused with the 277 California State Parks ( operated by a division of the State of California, the National Parks have their own set of regulations for parking, camping and fee structure.


About the artist: Timothy Wolcott is a fine art/landscape photographer who became one of the youngest members of the prestigious Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) at the age of 23. The culmination of Ansel Adams' lifelong goal to attain pigment printing for photography was achieved by Wolcott, who helped pioneer a unique color pigment printing system that allows photographers to produce truly archival color photographs with the saturation and tonal brilliance that until recently, has never been achieved. Wolcott's ambition to push the limits has yielded significant contributions in the fine arts field.  He invented special papers and coatings to produce the finest archival photographs in existence. Collectors of Timothy Wolcott fine art photographs include the Guggenheim and Smithsonian.


Wolcott's work is shown in numerous art galleries, at Fortune 500 corporate offices and is sold as signed collector art, perfect for your home, office or to give as a gift. We are proud to endorse and represent Timothy Wolcott's art, a real value for collectors.  Wolcott prints are available in a variety of sizes typically sold in these formats: 11 X 14", 14 X 18", 20 X 24", 24 X 30", 32 X 40" and 40 X 50". The cost of his signed photographs range from $310 +shipping to around $2000.


Mention BEACHCALIFORNIA.COM website to receive a special gift when placing your order. To place an order: Call 951-741-1674 or 909-878-9214. Visit the Gallery in Big Bear Lake, California; at 40700 Village Drive. Or send an email to: Tim Wolcott