.Dana Point, California Whale Watching Press Release

Event occurs annually January through March



DANA POINT - Each winter, thousands of California Gray Whales leave the cold Artic Seas and follow the coastline to the warm, calm waters of Southern California and Baja. This 5,000-mile migration brings much of the pod past Dana Point, where pods of Giant Grays can be easily seen and photographed. Many believe Dana Point is a reference “landmark” for the whales and is famous as a gathering area; they trace one of nature’s longest migratory paths. The Gray Whale has become symbolic of the vast, mysterious and fragile marine resources of the Pacific Coast. The Gray Whale is the most accessible for human observation.


During their southern migration, they tend to hug the shore. This allows for visitors to approach the whales in a peaceful manner, letting us make more intimate contact with them. Todayy’s whale watchers hunt with cameras and binoculars, not harpoons. Due to the unique shape of Dana Point Harbor, it is ideally located for easy and quick access to board a boat and be in the open ocean in 5 minutes. Whale watching has, in fact, become a traditional winter activity in California. Dana Point Harbor is the official “Whale Watching Capital of the West”.  The following companies offer various types of whale watching trips from public to private, contact each of them to set sail for your particular adventure. Dana Wharf Sportfishing – (949) 496-5794 


 www.danawharfsportfishing.com; Dana Island Yacht Charters – (949) 248-7400  www.danaislandyachts.com;  Ocean Institute – (949) 496-2274  www.ocean-institute.org;  Captain Dave’s Dolphin Safari – (949) 488-2828 www.dolphinsafari.com | Dana Point Hotels |