Daly City, CA - Travel and Things To Do

Daly City is one of those cities that you can really get to know. Located just a hop, skip, and a jump outside of San Francisco, Daly City is one of the great unsung destinations in southern California. Access to the Bay, the ocean, parks, the airport, and the greater San Francisco area make Daly City a great vacation spot, and a convenient place to stay if you have to head towards San Francisco. Daly City is urban, but with a number of golf courses and a large state park, Daly City has more than enough to separate it from the overwhelming atmosphere of San Francisco.

The city has a colorful history as well as a beckoning entertainment district. As for things to do, there's no shortage, with some great food and beautiful beaches that are perfect for hang gliding and paragliding. Cow Palace is worth checking out as well, which is an arena with more than a little history behind it. The Palace has hosted concerts by the Beatles, has had hockey teams such as the San Fransisco Spiders and the San Jose Sharks, and has hosted two Republican National Conventions, while people from farther East might be particularly interested in the annual Grand National Rodeo, Horse & Stock Show that takes place in October. There are also a number of golf courses for those of us who enjoy the links, and the gorgeous San Bruno Mountain State Park. A few minutes south you can even find the Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park. Those who have lived in urban areas will tell you that such great access to real sprawling parks is incredibly uncommon and sometimes exactly what you need after a long day in the city; and this is not like Central Park, these are actually woods.

There are a few good ways to, from, and around Daly City including one of the most ridden public transit systems in the country and a convenient highway system that could get one into San Francisco or to the airport in a quarter of an hour. Oddly enough, the San Francisco International Airport is much closer to Daly City than to San Francisco; you have to head through Daly City on the way from the airport towards San Francisco. So if you're headed to San Francisco via the airport, cut down on your travel time and hang out in Daly City for a spell, you'll be much closer to parks, beaches, and you'll still have access to the Bay.

If you're looking for a place to stay, hotels are cheaper in Daly City than they are in San Francisco, and with the moderate size of Daly City you'll have a relationship with your part of town by the time you leave.

In addition to all of these fine attractions, there are all the great things that you would expect in a city. Theaters, bars, clubs, speedboat rides through the Bay, and whatever else you could want. And what's more, Daly City recently started focusing much more on small businesses, which is something we all like. Right now is a great time to visit.

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