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Cubensis appears in events such as the annual EARTHDANCE


Cubensis - California Grateful Dead Cover Bandd


cubensis grateful dead band
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Cubensis - California's Finest Grateful Dead Cover Band


Deadheads will be glad to know that you don't have to trek too far in California to find the Grateful Dead tribute band known as Cubensis (named after Stropharia cubensis), a Psilocybes.


Cubensis offers the look and sound of the original band, but pretty much keeps it together throughout an entire concert. Based in Southern California, you can find them playing weekly in Huntington Beach at a place called Marlin Bar, and the rest of the time they are out on the road, spreading joy, peace and love to Grateful Dead fans far and wide. Described as equal partners in a psychic quest, this band is dead-straight ahead in capturing the spirit of the a famous California band that likewise traveled on journeys with each & every audience.  Exploring thoughts and sounds that spread into the cosmos with positive energy, the goals of Cubensis are true to the Dead philosophy, as well. Not seeking to copy the band they now honor with their tribute music, Cubensis members such as Craig Marshall say that their goal is to play each and every song true to the members' performance standards, injecting personal energy and interpretation into the body of the works, not simply focusing on notes.


Cubensis Grateful Dead tribute band plays the solid sounds of the great California band and plays different sets or tunes from a variety of albums instead of just one show. That's what gets people coming back to see them again and again.


Recognized in California as THE DEAD Band, Cubensis is also becoming known elsewhere. While the shows are performed primarily in California, sometimes the group hits the road to carry the message to other places. Those who have seen Cubensis perform return to watch them again and again, because no two shows are ever the same. If you're looking to rekindle memories of the Grateful Dead, you've come to the right place. And if you're trying to introduce someone else to this phenomenon, Cubensis carries the torch, allowing the listener to absorb the music and become a part of it. Long live the Dead!