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Things to do in Sierra County are listed by cities below such as Loyalton, Downieville, Alleghany, Calpine and Sierraville. Sierra County is located in California on the northern section of the "Golden Chain Highway" or what is also known as Historic Highway 49. As the name suggests Sierra County is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and specifically it is located at the northern end of the Sierras in Northern California north of the Lake Tahoe area. Sierra County, CA was made and perfected by the hand of nature, resulting in limitless natural and beautiful experiences for the traveler looking to leave the malls and tourist attractions behind. The Sierra Buttes River offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy, like fishing, swimming, and boating. Downieville, touted as a must see stop, was originally a gold mining town founded in the mid 1800's. Today, it remains as it was, a sleepy mountain town full of history, also granting plenty of opportunities for antique shopping. The mountains around Downieville are famous for mountain biking including the nationally recognized "Downieville Downhill" mountain bike trail.

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