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Things to do in Modoc County are listed by cities below such as Alturas, Cedarville, Davis Creek, Adin and Canby. Modoc County is in the top northeast corner of California, bordered by Oregon and Nevada. Modoc County and its mountainous and high desert landscape is the home of cities and towns such as Alturas, Canby, Cedarville, Davis Creek, Lake City, and Stronghold. Cedarville, which started as a trading post in the 1800's, is one of the best known towns in the county, and one of the best for tourism. Additionally, the town hosts an annual Last Frontier Fair. Visitors can stay in the many bed and breakfasts in the area. Modoc National Forest contains the majority of land in Modoc County including the impressive Warner Mountains with peaks such as Eagle Peak reaching nearly 10,000 feet elevation. Modoc also offers a couple active wildlife refuges, Clearlake National Wildlife Refuge and the Modoc NWR just outside Alturas. There is no shortage of areas for fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. Modoc County is home to other tourist attractions, such as Fort Bidwell, and the Great Northern Railway line. Visitors can find unique attractions spread throughout this vast county. Interested readers can find the official county website at

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