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Things to do in Del Norte County are listed by cities below such as Crescent City, Klamath, Gasquet and Smith River. Del Norte County, California is a veritable paradise of outdoor activities no matter your predilection. Whether it be a casual afternoon on the beach, a strenuous hike, or just a mushroom hunting in the forest, Del Norte can accommodate. Situated on the northernmost coastal tip of California, Del Norte County is full of options when it comes to recreation and relaxing. It houses two beautiful old growth forests (the Siskiyou and the Six Rivers) where you can get your nature on and commune with the elements, basking in the peaceful glow of your inner mind. The Smith River National Recreation Area is for the more rugged folk where you can splash among the rocks and try your hand at catching one of the award-winning Steelhead trout that run the river. Man vs. Nature never felt so good! At the end of the day as you sit down to eat your hard-earned catch in the Northern Pines you'll sit back with a full belly and feel the Cycle of Life flow around and within you. Just you and Mother Earth nestled together in a sleeping embrace.

The next day you can get more "citified" and take in some of the arts and culture that Del Norte County has to offer and the best way to find out local arts hijinks is with a visit to Crescent City area. After visiting galleries and shops make sure to grab a bite at the Chart Room Restaurant - your stomach will be glad you did!

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to October
Crescent City CFM Saturday Farmers Market, in Crescent City, California, takes place June 01, 2020 and ends in October. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by Rural Human Services and will be located at Parking lot of Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

There is nothing quite as classically American and as indicative of the arrival of fall as a county fair!

Crescent City Rodeo CCPRA, in Crescent City, California, takes place August 07, 2020. This Rodeo event is sponsored by Crescent City Rodeo Committee and will be located at Crescent City Rodeo Grounds, 421 Highway 101 North.

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