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Things to do in Colusa County are listed by cities below such as Colusa, Williams, Arbuckle, Sycamore and College City. Colusa County, in the northern Central Valley, is one of California's original counties. Situated northwest of Sacramento, the county's largest city is Colusa, CA which is located on the Sacramento River. Colusa was founded by a Chinese monk and the town features Chinese architecture, cottages, and gardens, which make it feel more like a town in northern China than Northern California. The Colusa Casino gives visitors a chance to test their luck and a resort to stay at. For those in search of a more outdoorsy setting, part of Mendocino National Forest is located in western Colusa County, offering an abundance of recreational activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing, and off-roading. Colusa County has several wildlife areas including the Delevan National Wildlife Refuge and Colusa NWR both offering great opportunities for bird-watching, wildlife viewing, and during hunting season a chance to hunt waterfowl and pheasant.

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Stonyford Rodeo, in Stonyford, California, takes place April 30, 2020 and ends in May. This Rodeo event is sponsored by Stony Creek Horsemen's Association and will be located at Stonyford Rodeo Grounds.

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Arbuckle Certified Wednesday Farmers Market, in Arbuckle, California, takes place June 01, 2020 and ends in September. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by Arbuckle Revitalization Committee and will be located at LaVanche Hursh Community Park, 5th and Hall Street.

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Colusa Certified Monday Farmers Market, in Colusa, California, takes place June 01, 2020 and ends in September. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by Colusa Business & Visitor Center and will be located at Memorial Park, 10th St & Market St.

Colusa County is a rich and diverse agricultural area located 60 miles north of Sacramento along Interstate 5.

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