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Things to do in Alpine County are listed by cities below such as Markleeville. Alpine County California is the least populated county in California with just over 1000 residents. It is located south of Lake Tahoe and north of Yosemite National Park and was named Alpine County because of its beautiful setting in the Sierra Nevada mountains. If someone needs to truly get away from it all, Markleeville the largest town and the county seat of Alpine County is the place to seek retreat. With charming bed and breakfast houses such as the Alpine County Cottages, relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment all go hand in hand. See the Old Webster School, a one room school house, or the Old Log Jail. Delight in these sites that still stand proudly as if time never touched them. Markleeville, Bear Valley, Woodfords and Kirkwood are all Alpine County towns that offer all the attractions of small mountain communities and a rural lifestyle. It might be a sparsely populated county, but Alpine has nearly endless hiking and backpacking opportunities as the entire county is contained in national forest lands including the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness Area. Alpine County even has skiing at Kirkwood Ski Resort, hot springs at Grover Hot Springs State Park, and the Pacific Crest Trail running through it.

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