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 Carmel Valley Pumpkin Patch Near Carmel Valley Ranch, California

carmel pumpkins
old car and pumpkins in carmel

Carmel Valley Autumn Vacation is filled with pumpkins, turkeys that roam free at Carmel Valley ranch, and wineries such as the nearby Chateau sell harvest blends. Each year on the weekend near Halloween the city of Carmel celebrates its birthday and Halloween in the village with costumes, a barbeque, games and fun.


 Did you know that the high season and finest weather in Carmel comes in the fall in the months of September, October and sometimes November.  In Carmel Valley it's simply magical around Halloween. It's old-fashioned, colorful and all framed by spectacular rolling hills. 


A trip to Carmel in the fall is a romantic trip for many of us. It can be a tucked away suite at Carmel Valley Ranch where the smell of fireplaces and sound of crackling fires warms you at night in your CVR suite or room..  It can be a spectacular golf vacation or family get away to the Quail Lodge nearby. 


Carmel Valley is separated from the downtown Carmel region and enjoys its very own climate that often includes less fog and warmer temperatures..  There are shops, art galleries and a winery, Chateau Julien in Carmel Valley.


When you seek to rekindle the feelings of tradition, celebrating as a family or simply reminiscing about your youth, Halloween, pumpkins, Thanksgiving and the warm feelings surrounding that time, head for Carmel Valley and experience the colorful, orange pumpkin patches or the scenic burnished hills as summer yields to autumn, then beautiful winter in Carmel. We wish were there right now!