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Crazy California Photos feature unique, out-of-the-ordinary roadside attractions or special items such as events, restaurants and statues that make people say, "Wow, did you see that?" As we travel California, we often miss some of the great attractions because we don't take the time to stop and look.


Also, some are hidden gems you have to know about or you would simply never see them.  Among the crazy items we've found are Tyson The Skate Dog featured in two films, a giant artichoke statue Castroville, a giant Monopoly game board in San Jose where people step into the roles of the game pieces, the Santa statue that used to be on Santa Claus Lane but got booted out of Carpinteria until the spirit of Christmas in Oxnard saved him, a 110+-year old lumberjack camp restaurant that serves heaping meals to the public, Winko the One Man Band in Sacramento, Duck-a-thon Race with thousands of rubber ducks dumped into the ocean and many more unique items we'll post as we find them.  There's always fun around the bend so get ahead of the game by checking out the fun things to see and do in Crazy California!


California Beach Photos include some crazy stuff. Some are well known and some things are not. For instance, have you ever visited the Watts Tower? It's absolutely entertaining. Crazy, indeed, and awesome to see!   Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo has been around for over 30 years.  You can go stick your gum there. Winchester Mystery House is a work that you can hardly believe until you visit and take the tour. Why would anybody build stairs to nowhere, window panels and kitchen sink drain covers with 13 pieces in the design? Why would Sarah Winchester build a house in which the spirits of the dead directed her construction till the day she died?


One thing we've found about these unique items is that you can right by them and not even see them. Plan ahead so when you visit a region, you can put the attraction on your list of things to see.  If you do so, your trip will be a lighter more interesting for the time you spent to explore the crazy and uniqe side of the people, places and even animals that make up California, shown in  our Crazy California Beach Photo Guide.


Are you looking for crazy hotels?  It's hard to come up with something new to wow travelers these days but as we scour the inventory, a few unique hotel rooms come to mind. While the room itself is modest in size, The Crescent in Beverly Hills offers pre-loaded IPODs in guest rooms. Upon entering your room at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, your favorite musical themes are supposed to play for you as you open the door. At the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, each room offers a special color and theme.

Unique and Crazy California Attractions Photos and Information

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