Colonial Inn Hostel, Huntington Beach, California






Huntington Beach --- Travelers who stay at the Colonial Inn Hostel say it is like coming home when they arrive in Huntington Beach and check into the historic house nestled in a residential neighborhood 4 blocks from the ocean and pier. It's been a home to Belinda (above left) who stayed in Huntington Beach for around a year.  

The New Zealander is heading to England with a friend. "We'll travel for several months and see what there is. I am going to miss Huntington Beach and the friendships I've established," she said. "It is a wonderful place and I highly recommend for everyone to come visit and stay at the Hostel."  What struck Belinda about life at the beach was the preconceived notions travelers bring. The response to the most asked question:   Yes, it is very safe in Huntington




Mark (above left) came from England to skate and surf. He loves to ride his skateboard and discovered a variety of  local skate parks, including the world's largest Van's Skate Park in nearby Orange. Mark stayed a few nights and then headed south for Carlsbad on the California coast. 

On the road travelers seeking amenities such as kitchen facilities, a washer and dryer,  no curfews and affordable accommodations at the beach need to check out the Colonial Inn Hostel.   Above are a Brit, German, New Zealander and an American who chart out their next stop on life's tour.