Civil War Encampment Dinner Prepared in Cast Iron Pots


Civil War Encampment Dinner prepared in cast iron pots. A California Civil War reenactment is not only fun to watch, it makes you very hungry as you see the sutlers preparing meals cooked in cast iron pots over a wood fire..  The beauty of the smoke drifting through the trees, catching the fading sunlight to create magical shapes as it floats away is mesmerizing.

These sutlers shown above prepared their noodles in the morning and left them to dry on a sheet all day. They were placed into a boiling pot of chicken. Accompanying this tasty entree was a pot of green beans.

In the reenactments, you'll see regiments separated into encampments, dining and socializing in the evening in an old-fashioned, simple lifestyle.  The Civil War reenactments are held throughout California and in nearly every mainland US state.





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