Civil War  Reenactors Fire in Mock Battle


The Civil War and its outfall affected every part of the United States, including California.


Civil War Guns and Weapons are seen in the California Events Photo - Re-enactors Fire in Mock Battle in a California Civil War Reenactment held each Labor Day weekend (the first weekend in September) in Huntington Beach. Many such events are held around the United States and California.  This event did not include horses that are normally ridden in the battles.  This particular city did not permit them. 


California holds a passion for Civil War history as troops from California served in the East and Southwest during the Civil War. If you've never seen one of these re-enactments, the ammunition is not real. The actors stage a mock bottle with period costumes, complete with field nurses who aid the injured.


Some of California's repeat Civil Wart re-enactments occur in cities such as Huntington Beach shown in photograph above. While re-enactors camp at the event, tourists will need to book a hotel room. In Huntington Beach, you can opt for beach hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt or Best Western, or get an affordable room at Howard Johnson, a local favorite.




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