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Cat on a Fence - Photo in Sunset Beach California


Sunset Beach photos


The photo of a cat sitting on the fence in Sunset Beach, California is not a sight youu'll see often. Cats generally aren't spotted on the beach during the daylight hours.  But on any given day  in Sunset Beach, the mile long community located in Orange County, California, you never know just what you'll see.



This gray kitty was quite content watching the stream of beach-goers at this primary entry point to the beach which provides parking spots adjacent to the beach and Ramada Hotel in Sunset Beach. You find the parking lot by entering on Pacific Coast Highway at Warner Ave.



While there are lots of people walking dogs along the greenbelt at Sunset Beach's Pacific Street, cats risk some real city dangers such as the Pacific Coast Highway traffic that breezes by at 40 - 50 mph. It's a treacherous road for a cat with no sense of how fast cars can go.  Perhaps that's why you don't often see cats in Sunset Beach. Either they don't survive, or more likely, they are kept indoors for their own safety.



Nevertheless, this beautiful springtime day where the weather was warm and the beach was wide open made for a happy sight, watching the cat just look at those who entered his lair.