Santa Comes to Town
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Santa Claus poses with a girl who wishes for a Merry Christmas, seen the photo above.


While mom and dad stress out in December, the holiday season is pure joy for children who have so much to look forward to..  Some corporations throw the traditional office party and some offer a session with Santa Claus for the children who put up with mom or dad's busy work life all year long.

This is one photo assignment which is just FUN.. 


Santa Claus photos are an American tradition parents begin taking their children to arrange and capture with visits allowing the kids to tell St. Nick what they would like to receive for Christmas..


Santa Claus, who wears a red suit with a big black belt, black boots and sports a white beard and white pair of sunglasses, works all years long, making toys or supervising the elves who make the toys to give to good girls and boys around the world.


Do kids wonder how there can be many  Santas? They are assured that there are many helpers that look like Santa, out gathering the information and lists to make the season bright for good girls and boys.