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Camarillo, California photos shown above (taken on a vacation to Camarillo) include on top row the Camarillo Ranch House and Old Town Camarillo, established in 1913. Bottom row pictures show a docent at the Camarillo Ranch; a life-size statue of Don Adolfo Camarillo and one of his beloved white stallion, Sultan, in Dizdar Park; and the Camarillo Ranch House viewed from the beautiful gardens. Scenes from Camarillo include the Camarillo Ranch and downtown statures commemorating the Camarillo family and their horses


You may have passed by Camarillo many times when passing through Ventura County, just north of L.A. It's the city down at the bottom of the steep Conejo Grade. It is the place where you leave Los Angeles and enter an oasis of green fields, lush gardens, and open spaces. Beautiful road signs welcome guests to Camarillo, located in the appropriately named Pleasant Valley. As you drive down the grade from Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley, you may notice cacti growing on the rocky hills you pass along way. Or maybe you'll see the breathtaking landscapes of fields shaped in blocks and squares that bare crops of vegetables and berries in the distance. You may also notice the huge developments with new housing construction that claims more and more of the land daily in what was mostly fields and greenery a decade ago. 


Many consider this the line of demarcation, separating Los Angeles from the Central Coast.  Though some L.A. commuters live in the area,  the look and feel of Camarillo is distinctively refreshing and open, though the growth of the city is changing this picturesque image. Highway 101 passes through the city with thousands of travelers per day stopping to enjoy Camarillo's fine outlet shops and dining opportunities. 

Take time to exit Highway 101 on your road trips to Santa Barbara, Central California's Hearst Castle, Cambria, Monterey / Carmel, San Francisco or L.A., Hollywood, Disneyland and San Diego. Camarillo does not particular stand out as a tourist attraction from the freeway, but once off the busy highway, you'll discover history and charm that you never knew about. 


Whether open or not, do take time to drive by the Camarillo Ranch. Up close you'll see beautiful grounds with flower gardens, a shaded picnic area, a big red barn and the ranch house that's the highlight of the stop. After you gain a sense of the lifestyle and architecture popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's, then drive across the freeway west to see the quaint Old Town Camarillo. A beautiful community park named Dizdar, includes a bronzed statue of Adolfo Camarillo, mounted on his famous white stallion, Sultan, (the official horse of Camarillo). You'll see the horse in the city signage and logos. Descendents of this horse have been ridden in the Rose Parade. The legend of the Camarillo White Horses dates back to 1921 when Adolfo Camarillo purchased Sultan at the California State Fair in Sacramento. When Camarillo died in 1958, the ownership of his horses that he'd bred with Sultan (Morgan & quarterhorses), were willed to daughter Carmen, who cared for them until her death in 1987. The livestock and Morgan-Arabian horses were sold at auction. The year she passed away was the first time in 50 years that the horses did not appear in the local town celebration, Camarillo Fiesta Parade.  Those who bought the horses at auction held such a passion for their beauty and history, they registered them as a breed in approx. 1990. With approx. a dozen or so in existence, the legacy of the Camarillo family lives on.


In addition to the bronze in the park, just a half a block away on historic Ventura Boulevard you'll discover several more bronze statues. Whimsical in nature, you can sit next to one for a photo, or stand by the other.

In the shopping promenade where these statues are located, several stores include displays of antique items. For instance, a barbershop has a display of old scissors and shaving tools.  A fantastic restaurant, Dorothy's Chuck Wagon Cafe, has original style counters and booths, and an photo on the wall of one of its famous guests, Dick Van Dyke.


Camarillo is also home to two fabulous museums. The historic Camarillo Ranch, home to the city's founders, was funded and restored several years ago, now offering weekend tours of the spectacular, 17-room Victorian home. There's also a wonderful air museum with brand new hangars housing several war planes that are being refurbished. And for sports enthusiasts, there are four public golf courses. 

Located 17 miles east of Ventura, the city was named after Juan Camarillo who came to San Buenaventura in 1857 and purchased Rancho Calleguas in 1875. 

Average annual high temperature: 72 degrees   Average annual rainfall: 13.40 inches
Camarillo Chamber of Commerce  2400 E. Ventura Blvd 805-484-4383


Points of Interest:


CAMARILLO RANCH Open Wednesdays -Noon to 4 PM, Saturdays -10 AM to 2 PM and Sundays -Noon to 4 PM, 201 Camrillo Ranch Road, Camarillo, CA  Phone: 805.389.8182 -  Docent led tours of a Queen Anne style Victorian house on a 4 and 1/2 acre ranch.  Operated by the Camarillo Ranch Foundation, the 17-room mansion contains 6,000 square feet of interior space and includes two staircases, Victorian exhibits, a gift shop and beautiful gardens. Built in 1892 as a family residence for Isabel Camarillo from her loving 28-year old husband, Adolfo, this gracious place has captured the hearts of guests such as Hollywood celebrities Tom Mix and Rita Hayworth. Adolfo Camarillo, founder of the City of Camarillo, once managed a 10,000 acre ranch where he developed a breed of horse, the Camarillo White Horse, which is seen in parades today. The prominent figure in local history served as Ventura County Supervisor, as well. He died in 1958.  The City of Camarillo acquired the ranch house and a portion of the original property in 1998 and operates it through the Camarillo Ranch Foundation. Seeking to preserve the legacy of a prominent Mexican-American family through education and interpretation of the historic site, we recommend you veer off the beaten path of Highway 101 at Flynn Road where you can find Camarillo Ranch Road adjacent to 101. 


THE CONFEDERATE AIRFORCE MUSEUM  Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Confederate Air Force/World War II Aviation Museum. Camarillo Airport Tours of vintage WWII aircraft, including a Japanese Zero fighter, A Grumman F8F-2 Fighter and a North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber.  TAKES WING — The Confederate Airforce Museum in nearby Camarillo has a greater story to tell. The museum has now moved into two new large hangers with new exhibits, new permanent and visiting aircraft, and, according to officials, more to come! The newest large aircraft donation is a fully restored and flyable 1954 Convair C- 131 D Transport that is located inside the hanger. The interior of the transport aircraft is now part of the regular tour. Also part of the tour is a restoration hanger where a WWII B-25 Mitchell Bomber and a real Japanese Zero Fighter are being restored into flying condition. The Confederate Airforce Museum is located at 455 Aviation Drive at Eubanks Street at the Camarillo Airport.  For more information, call 805/482-0064.

Certified Farmers' Market - Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. 12 Noon Ventura Boulevard between Elm & Fir. Locally grown fresh flowers, fruits & vegetables and bakery items.


Golf - all are 18 Hole Public Courses
Buenaventura Golf Course 5882 Olivas Park Drive, Ventura 805-642-2231
Camarillo Springs Golf Course 791 Camarillo Springs Road  805-484-1075
Olivas Park Golf Course 3750 Olivas Park Drive, Ventura 805-642-4303
Sterling Hills Golf Course Sterling Hills Dr, Camarillo 805-987-3446

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