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Yuba City  Marysville Sikh Festival and Parade Annual California Event


Yuba City in Sutter County, just north of Sacramento, is home to one of the most colorful annual events, the Sikh Festival and Parade. 

A trip to the Buttes is amazing, though a visit to these private mountains requires signing up for a docent-led tour. If you plan your trip around the first weekend in November, you will be in for quite a surprise, seeing approx. 60,000 colorfully-garbed people dressed for an annual celebration and cultural parade. While this region in Californiaa's Central Valley once had the second largest Chinese population in the state, local Sikh settlers annually converge for a parade and cultural events celebrating their heritage.

The largest such celebration in the nation is held to honor delivery of the Sikh Holy Book, which was presented in 1708 by the Sikhs' tenth and final Guru, or spiritual teacher. During the early event, Sikhs who originate from India, gathered at a temple filled with 500,000 lights, to listen to the reading of the book's 1,400 pages.

Yuba City area began to transform around1880 as Sikhs from Punjab, India immigrated and married Hispanics. Until World War II, only men could immigrate, and were forbidden from marrying white women. Though small in numbers, (possibly around 100,000 in California), the Sikh community is centered around Sacramento, Marysville and Yuba City and represents just a tiny portion of one of the world's largest religious factions that is fairly misunderstood in the US.  After 911, the Sikhs faced persecution for their dark skin, robed clothing and turbans. Sikhs respect the beliefs of other religions, promote non-violence, community service, equality and tolerance. One example of how accepting the Sikhs are is the openness of their Temples. Sikh Temples are open nearly 24 hours a day and serve food to anyone in need.

The annual event celebrated in Yuba City is called Nagar Kirtan & Sikh Parade. A weekend event usually begins with a fireworks spectacular on Friday night.  Saturday is an open house celebration, and Sunday is the parade. Dignitaries and local government officials attend this event which has been held for nearly 30 years.



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Yuba City / Marysville are two side-by-side cities in Sutter County California. Located north of Sacramento County in California's rich farm belt of the Central Valley, the region traditionally was known for it produce and variety of crops that thrive in a year-round growing climate. 


The regions are growing rapidly and becoming popular, somewhat affordable places to live in California. For those seeking a unique cultural experience, you can plan your trip around several festivals held annually. For year-round enjoyment, the downtown region is authentic, historic and represents the era in which Yuba City was formed around (1850s to early 1900s  architecture).








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