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Yosemite National Park Vacations


Yosemite National Park vacations are beginning to increase, along with the temperatures in the mountains. As the winter thaw (not a very good one this year, unfortunately) blossoms forth into spring, then summer, travelers are planning their annual trek to the Yosemite National Park. Many make an annual journey to wintertime Bracebridge Dinner, a tradition as old as the mountains practically.


It's springtime now and it's a fabulous time to explore California's natural wonders such as its state and national parks. Among those worthy of your attention are Yosemite National Park. Once you arrive in the valley, you'll be amazed at the blue, blue skies and majest mountain peaks boldy facing you at every turn. This is natural beauty you won't find elsewhere on earth and its certainly a place near and dear to the world's most famous photographer's heart, Ansel Adams.

For those who want the luxury of a good night's sleep, several options avail themselves. We highly recommend one that will awe you at every turn. Tenaya Lodge is the preferred choice for spring and summer vacations.


With valley guided bus tours, excellent self-guided trail hikes, museums, water sports and enough adventure to satisfy every family member, you'll be glad that you spent the time to connect with this national treasure, known around the globe, and visited by millions annually.



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