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I Wish They  All Could Be California Oktoberfest Girls



I wish they all could be California Oktoberfest girls! Each year the new batch of Oktoberfest "shot" girls gets prettier and prettier.  


Some attend Oktoberfest for the funky music, funky foods, and socializing. Some go for the beer, the booze, and the pretty girls. Whatever your preference one thing is clear. California Oktoberfest celebrations have some of the prettiest girls.


In Huntington Beach, the girls must come right out of central casting. With the looks of an actress on The OC, the girls are sweet in their dirndl skirts and knee socks, pure with their innocent, flirtish smiles, and they make the men drool with their knock-dead looks.


If you've heard the saying, More is less, a pretty girl in her Bavarian dress offers a look that's as fresh is the new snow. While places such as Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest feature more modest in frauleins with longer dresses, the Orange County & LA Oktoberfests  serve up eye candy. And if you've been approached by the gorgeous girls with their pretty smiles, it's pretty hard to say "no" to a shot of liqueur  such as some of the "wassers" and traditional fire-water drinks people traditionally put in their boda bags for the icy days on the ski slopes in the frozen mountains. It's the beach, it isn't cold, but the atmosphere can make you long for the mountains and skiing. Perhaps that's why the mountain version of Oktoberfest includes a bit more clothing in those dirndls and lederhosen.  - hbsite