West Hollywood Drag Races  |  Six Inch Heels in West Hollywood



The annual Drag Race held as part of West Hollywood's monstrous Halloween celebration has one requirement--your heels should be six inches or taller.


West Hollywood, Calif.―During the annual Halloween celebration in West Hollywood that attracts over half a million people to this entertainment capital, you'll find plenty of events to entertain you throughout the month. One of our favorites is Drag Races.  At this event, it is perfectly acceptable to dress in drag. In fact, one requirement for men who enter the race is that they must wear six inch heels on their shoes.  This is one of the fun events such as the Gay Pride Festival hosted throughout the year in West Hollywood.


A favorite fashion choice seems to be knee high boots, accessorized to match a short, little orange dress or cheerleader skirt. The only (tale-tale) giveaway that you're not watching women compete are those muscular legs and an occasional flick of the skirt, showing that there's more down south than meets the eye.


One of the hilarious events surrounding the biggest Halloween Carnaval party in the world creates a  statement of where you are. This is not Beverly Hills, nor is it Hollywood. When their parents said "go west", West Hollywood began attracting an "outskirts" crowd nearly a century ago. Outside the city bounds of surrounding regions with their restrictions during prohibition, West Hollywood became the place that even the most respectable folks would congregate for entertainment.  And it continues to carry that tradition of living, loving and making a statement that you can live outside the box in West Hollywood.


During the Halloween season, in addition to this lively Drag Race event, you will find a doggy costume contest, parks and recreation activities for youth, and the big daddy of Halloween events, the West Hollywood Carnaval, with dozens of live bands and over 500,000 people attending.


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