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Video of People Petting Sheep at the California Fairs


Video of California Fair sheep pin with people petting the wooly animals shows the love of the fairs.

There's nothing quite so soothing to the touch as the soft, oily coat of a sheep at the fair.  People come by the hundreds of thousands to stroke these animals, watch them wander in their pins and hear the funny noises they makes as they baaaaa the day away.

At most fairs you will find sheep, pigs, chicks, cows and other farm animals.  Fairs in California offer people of all ages the opportunity to connect with nature. Since over 50% of the population lives near major cities, farm life can seem very remote to city dwellers. Without a fair, many people will seldom see, know or remember what these animals sound like, smell like, look like and what role they play in our daily lives.

Fair are held throughout California all year long but are especially prominent during the summer months.