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Video California Fair Family Attends the Fair



Video of California Fair attendees - Fairs are a time-honored tradition that bring families together in celebration. Some like the rides, some like the food, and some like just walking the midway and seeing all the buzz. In metropolitan areas such the Bay Area or Southern California a fair provides the opportunity for kids and adults see livestock up close. 

There are over 50 sanctioned fairs in California throughout the year. They adhere to a set of guidelines prescribed by California Department of Food and Agriculture. From cattle contests to apple pie, BBQ ribs, to fire roasted corn on the cob, you'll not find a more enjoyable place to create family traditions.

The video above shows a family that's been coming to the fair for years. The kids love attending with their mom, grandmother, siblings and cousins. They like the rides, the food and fun.

Fairs have been around for over 100 years in California. With 58 counties in California, there are at least that many fairs. Reflecting the local "roots", you'll find some focused on fruits, some on wines, and most hosting a variety of popular bands.