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Video Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo shows people walking through the alley between two buildings. 

Bubble Gum Alley in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, is an alley located between two buildings facing Higuera Street and the Frog & Peach Pub. It is known for the bubblegum that fills the walls in massive quantities and colors. The alley is great fun for families and perfect on kids vacations in California, assuming the children have maturity to understand that it's OK to put gum on this place exclusively, though not on other walls.

Bubble Gum Alley has been around for over 50 years since the 1950's and is one of the many tourist highlights of San Luis Obispo, a college town where students enjoy lots of quirky activities and attractions.

Just a step away from the main street of the city shopping district, who would know or believe that such an amazing attraction exists out of sight from the downtown drive?  Well, lots of people know about it and they come in the the droves to see and photograph the bubblegum walls, or to place their own brand of chewy material onto the plastered building exteriors.

In the video above you'll see Bubble Gum Alley, and watch a couple look at the designs, then walk out of the alley onto the city sidewalks of Higuera. While one of our stories on the first motel in the U.S. which is located in San Luis Obispo appeared on national television, the Bubble Gum Alley is equally tantalizing in terms of its unique appearance and qualities as the only place you can stick your gum on a building and not be penalized with tickets for what normally would be considered vandalism or defacing property.




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