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Vallejo Six Flags New Attraction


Six Flag's Discovery  Kindgom in Vallejo is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the few theme parks of its magnitude in Northern California, Six Flags offers two parks in one with exciting rides and an aquarium with penguins, whales, and many sea creatures to look at and explore.



That's why it's always exciting when Six Flags Discovery Kingdom launches a new attraction. This year you can check out Odin’s Temple of the Tiger, an exhibit that showcases the park’s 11 tigers and one esteemed member of the tiger clan,  Odin. The white Bengal tiger is magnificent, and is internationally known.


Tourists from around the globe and those who study tigers come to Vallejo to see Odin. Now there are also two tiger cubs added to the park family, and they are all the buzz.



Odin’s Temple of the Tiger is an exciting new attraction where guests can sit and watch the tigers' agility both in the water and on land.



It's a remake of  Jungle Theater, and guests are excited by this new design allowing more people to watch the action at one time.



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