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Valentine's Day in California is a one-day celebrations easy to embrace. Much like the thoughtful hearts that kids sign and place in decorated shoeboxes at school, we adults cling to memories of youth, the color red, the shape of a heart and the concept of sharing something.


As adults we carry thoughts and memories of our youth, and so much of our early years are projected into this simple deeds we perform, gifts or cards we give and fun we create on Valentine's Day, held every year on February 14 in California and throughout the United States.


In California, the restaurants and spas have nearly surpassed the gifts cards stores in revenue generated for giving during this one day event. Unlike Christmas or Thanksgiving, few companies recognize the day as an official government holiday (which it is not), so the celebrations are quite low key at work. You may see many women especially receiving roses or flower bouquets delivered to their desks, and when the day falls on work day, the strategy for providing a late night out comes harder to those working stiffs. While the day itself encompasses everything from school kids to married couples, for some single adults it is largely ignored or acts as a reminder of the love lost, or one an individual hopes to find. Thus this day can gel deals or even break hearts for those who anticipate or long for love.


Some save their celebration for a weekend closest to Feb. 14th, while others may take a day off and head out for romancing.  Since a reprieve requires both parties take off work, many hotels and Valentine's special packages and offers are good for a week surrounding the work day in which the 14th falls.


Valentine's Day at California beaches go hand and hand with romance. Each evening as we watch the sun fall into the ocean seemingly, it's difficult not to fall in love with life itself. But add to that experience a partner to share the joy with and you have the makings of a Valentine's event.  Like a box of See's chocolates, we're chock full of romantic beach ideas and places you may want to investigate for your romantic Valentine's Day celebration.






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