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It is really easy to write and submit a press release for posting. There are a few basic procedures that will assist our editors, thus helping your story be told. Internet publications are not much different than newspaper or magazine publications but it's best to skip the fancy lead sentences.  With specific structuring, you may get double play on our site.


What we ask: Please be sure to include all the details of the event. We absolutely need the event name, location address, time, cost, contact for public with phone number to call and web or email. We also need to know if the event is structured as limited attendance event, RSVP, or if it has a close-out registration date, or is for adults or kids only.  We do not have time to go to a web site and get the information for ourselves. Our time is valuable. When you email us and have not submitted the complete information, we'll send you back a reply below and will not be able to post until we have all the information. This is our standard guideline for posting to the calendar. At a minimum, any events-style press release should include this information.


For event submissions, don't forget to include the following items: 


Name of event:

Brief Description:
Location (if it's a large campus for instance, specify name of building): 
Public Phone:
Web (if any):
Photos (if any available, send by email, please)


Here is a published sample of a California Events Calendar listing  with link to the enhanced feature page, a result of a press release and our on-location coverage.


July 12, 2010   LAGUNA BEACH -  Sawdust Festival. Sawdust Art Festival features over 175 artists and creators with original, handcrafted gift items that include: hand blown glass, ceramics, clothing, ornaments, jewelry, painting, sculpture and so much more. Admission includes complimentary art project for all ages, entertainment, 3 outdoor caf├ęs and artist demonstrations including glass blowing. Hours: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily.  Address: 935 Laguna Canyon Rd., Laguna Beach, CA. Cost: $9/person.  Call (949) 494-3030.


In a perfect world, we'd like that event description mentioned above separated as stand-alone information within the press release. While the press release itself can have an interesting story that PR people and public relations professionals spend time writing, if you offer the stand-alone event description as a separated paragraph, you may get double coverage in our press release section and events calendar.


Since we are visual beasts and event-driven, photos in 200kb size or larger jpgs or pdfs will certainly up the chances of a stand-alone page and piece about your event.  We don't seek to become the source for the event, but do like to promote items of interest for California travelers. We are but one additional source to get your message out there, and in nearly every case, we provide the information as free editorial.  Small youtube-style video clips are accepted if you notify us in advance that you'll be sending them. We prefer clips sized to no more than 10 Mg. and filtered at a bit rate = 768,  size = 640 X 480 pixels. This is just guideline. Don't send advertising clips. Send news clips and on location items. Ads won't be used. We maintain our own stream hosting service and have capability of hosting the clip.


If the event has longevity as an annual event, it will receive higher priority in being posted and will stay on the site throughout the year to promote your event for next year, as well. 


While there are some great event submissions we receive from average folks who are just volunteering, we've enjoyed coming across a few media-op style organizations that specialize in the new media and online marketing. If you are paying large sums of money for traditional media professionals, added dollars to your media budget will ace you into the sphere and world where it's happening now...the Internet.





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