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Southern California Theme Park Tickets 2009

Californians are going to be sticking around California for summer vacations. Sure, they'll make the occasional trips around the globe, do some getaways to favorite US. cities such as Chicago, New York and Miami. But they also will be packing the theme parks in California since the summer of deals and down-sized attendance numbers has the big attractions such as Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Legoland and Knott's all want your business, believe it or not!


Some of the new adventures down the pike this year include some of the old themes...thrills, colorful rides, excitement and illusion.


Southern California


LEGOLAND - One of the most popular theme parks for children (besides Disneyland) is Legoland, where the Aquarium attraction launched, closed for a short time, then re-launched for 2009. Legoland has been offering specials since the fall with the latest deal offering $13 savings on a park hopper pass that includes this new attraction. See the latest offerings.


DISNEYLAND - While the springtime sale ended, California residents can still get in free this year on their birthday.  "It's a Small World" reopened after a renovation and long hiatus, and now includes  29 Disney characters the "Spirit of America" theme (remember America sings? Celebrate! A Street Party, Celebration Roundup and Barbecue, and the world famous fireworks show continue to excite and delight guests from around the globe this summer.  Our web booking system sells some incredible Disney deals when you book your hotel and theme park tickets as a combo offering. While this isn't much help for 12 million Southern Californians whose staycation means going at home to sleep in your own bed at night, it's a sweet surprise for travelers.  See the Disneyland limited time offer to get 2 days extra on a 3 day park hopper pass.


UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD - Universal Studios Hollywood's 1954 movie monster, "Creature from the Black Lagoon," climbed out of the primordial ooze to star in a 30-minute "Raging Rockin' Show," premiering July 1 at the park. The hip, musical stage adaptation of the Universal horror classic movie boasts an all-original score, acrobatic choreography and dazzling Broadway-level production values thanks to an award-winning theatrical production team. Also new is the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. Universal Studios Hollywood is offering some hotel/admission ticket packages this summer.


Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia) is offering reduced prices and hotel & ticket packages this summer. NEW X2, the world’s only 5th dimensional roller coaster is a great reason to visit Southern California's top thrill ride theme park. Tatsu, the tallest, fastest and longest flying coaster, Scream, Southern California’s first floorless coaster, and many, many earth-shattering rides make this the the place to go when you want some excitement. For the summer months Hurricane Harbor water park (open May 23) is Six Flags cool diversion to hot summer days and nights.


Knott's Berry Farm offers the usual summer fun at a Soak City, opens May 23 for the season. You need a separate ticket for that attraction. For a limited time, Knott's Berry Farm is offering theme park packages that include a day at Knott's and a stay at Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel with add-on options. Check out the package.

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