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Halloween Costume Slide Show (costumes at  electricchair.com)



While little girls look absolutely adorable in their make-believe Halloween clothes, grown up girls look unbelievably gorgeous in their fantasy costumes for Halloween night parties.  Nurses, naughty cops, a baseball player and pirate, all clad in very short skirts and either knee sox or knitted hose are some of the most popular outfits to win awards, or at least the attention of the crowd. The Halloween costumes are revealing and sexy, but none overstep the bounds. You can also dress them up or down, but why bother when they are ready to wear? The prices are affordable, ranging around $40 - 70.


For those who don't have time to shop, order your Halloween costume online at a great store that sells hundreds of costumes for Halloween. Electric Chair is one of the most popular online shopping destinations. While there's   an actual store in California that's been in business since the 80's, you can visit their online mail order and get it shipped ASAP for the Halloween holiday.


Some of the ideas we've seen on ladies that really wear nicely are the nurse outfits, a bumble bee, and the vinyl, shiny black uniforms. Most include a short skirt and matching, themed top.


California has become the Halloween capital for celebrating. It never lasts long enough with even just one month of parties, pumpkin patches and themed scares. During the final week surrounding October 31, adults attend numerous Halloween events ranging San Francisco's Cow Palace Erotic Ball to West Hollywood's Drag Party or the biggest Halloween street party in the US filled with numerous stages and bands, and sometimes having 250,000 people or more in attendance.


If you plan to get out and celebrate and need a costume, Electric Chair offers year-round outfits that are a little bit different with retro styles and brands such as Dogpile | Lucky 13 | Steady Clothes | TUK Shoes / Creepers and Affliction Clothing.


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