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Sequoia National Park, Calif.—For  weekend getaways to the mountains or vacation stays, Sequoia National Park is one of the top draws in the U.S. and the only place to see the world's biggest tree. The General Sherman Tree in this California National Park is one of the must-see attractions in California and ranks among the favorites for tourists wanting to see the giant redwood forests with some trees close to 5,000 years in age! Foothills Visitor Center beyond the entry gate of Sequoia National Park is your best, first stop to gather information for your drive around the park.


While it is relatively simple to find your way to General Sherman, the Foothills Visitor Center inside the park offers maps to all the top attractions in this park and Kings Canyon National Park you'll also access with one entry fee. That park looks to be the same but it is merely another parcel of land with more great Sequoia redwood attractions that was founded after the first national park in the nation (Sequoia NP).


At the Foothills Visitor Center, you almost feel sorry for the guys and gals answering questions, as most the questions are similar and the hosts answer the questions politely, over & over. 


Displays with touch & feel furs from various animals allow kids and adults to explore the mountain inhabitants (non-human kind). Those creatures include beer, deer, mountain lions, coyotes and snakes and plenty of bugs during the summer months.


The Foothills Visitor Center just a minute or two from the entry gate to the park at Three Rivers has public restrooms, a pay telephone, maps, brochures, news information, books for sales, souvenir gifts and lots to explore and learn about.


The next time you head for Sequoia, be sure to make a pit stop at this friendly spot. The next visitors center won't be found till you are nearly at the General Sherman Tree. It takes approx. 50 - 75 minutes (depending on traffic and weather.) Each visitors center in the park offers its own unique displays and is well worth a visit to look at.


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