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Salinas Streets of Bethlehem Nativity



Streets of Bethlehem in Salinas, California is the living enactment of Christmas. The public can walk along with the congregation actors and participate in a meaningful holiday experience.


Streets of Bethlehem is certainly one of the best named California Nativity Scenes, and offers some of the greatest audience participation. In many similar events, guests simply drive-through and are entertained. But at Streets of Bethlehem, you have a chance to walk the street, see the animals, people and costumes up close and gain a personal sense of what it must have been like over 2000 years ago to experience the joy of birth on a special, holy night.


The Salinas re-enactment includes livestock such as lambs, sheep and donkeys, an angel hovering above, and a manger scene with a real, live baby child, cradled in love. This outdoor Christmas community experience offers the public a chance to "rediscover the true reason for the Christmas season." Among the cast, kids and adults will meet or watch live actors such as shopkeepers, Mary & Joseph, and more. They may also be invited to pet the animals or walk with Mary & Joseph and the cast of 300. Lovely Christmas music played in the background inspires all who attend. Guests are asked to leave their pets at home. Domestic pets will scare the animals and disrupt the event.

Streets of Bethlehem is an annual event that has been held for about a decade. It is an all volunteer event, requiring lots of assistance. Volunteers are always sought to make it work. Offered free to the public, thousands come to see this nativity scene.  Streets of Bethlehem is held annually, the first Wednesday in December through Saturday of that week. It begins just after dark (6 p.m. and goes to 8:30 p.m.) It is free to the public. A special assistance opportunity for those with disabilities and impairments is offered. Please contact the First Baptist Church of Salinas. Address: 1130 San Vincente Ave., Salinas, CA. Call: (831) 422-9872.  Please see websites: and