URBAN TATTOOS: A Labor of Love in Sacramento


Auburn  Gold Miner

Beverly Hills  City Hall

Camarillo  Adolfo Camarillo

Castroville  Giant Artichoke

Davis  Solar Intersections

Hermosa Beach Tim Kelley

Hillsborough Father Sera

Huntington Beach  Surf Statue

Laguna Beach Abstract Figure

Laguna Beach Greeter

Los Angeles Tommy Trojan

Oxnard Santa Claus

Redondo Beach George Freeth

Salinas Farm Art Cut Outs

San Diego  Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

San Jose Abstract Holding Sun

San Pedro  Jacob's Ladder

Santa Barbara Chromatic Gate

Santa Cruz Surfing Statue

Santa Monica Surfer in Suit/ Briefcase

Santa Rosa  Dolhareubang

Santa Rosa Snoopy

Woodley Island Eureka Fisherman

Public sculptures in California must range in the tens of thousands, wee're guessing. Nobody has ever taken count but what's evident is that the pieces are fun, grab attention, act as historical monuments, art objects or something to brighten or break up the landscape. Often located in public parks, near beaches and downtown civic plazas, the statues and sculptures give tourists and vacationers something to take a picture of as a remembrance of a trip to your city or town.


There's no way that the staff at BeachCalifornia.com can get out there and get them all. So what we're doing is making our own inventory of public art we've seen and photographed. Some pieces rotate and may not be there when you go. So do not count on taking a 1,000 mile trip to see a statue you saw on our site. Do try to call the local chamber of commerce or Realtor and see if anyone knows about the art before you head on your journey to view this piece.


From the unique plexi-colored columns in the Southern city Imperial Beach to the northern reaches, there are thousands of statues, artists, and stories surrounding them. The most exciting aspect of public art is 1) how does it make you feel? and 2) how are people interacting with it, if at all? Those interactions you observe and reflect on allow the art to speak in a sense. The public art doesn't always seem in sync with its environment. So oftentimes, you must step back and either walk away, or contemplate the positioning, and wonder if the artists had a say in the installation process.


When you study the boards and codes for creating public art in places such as Laguna Beach, you'll see that much thought goes into the planning of a project. And though you may scratch your head and wonder about the art itself, sometimes just observing the setting can unfold an incredible story of what went into the effort to put it out there for you to enjoy.



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