Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park is awesome entertainment for the family or adults



Talk Like a Pirate at Pirates Dinner Adventure Buena Park, California


If grog and grub with your bucko is on the account, you may be turning pirate for the night at Buena Park's Pirate Dinner Adventure.  The pirate craze has never been stronger as tourists and Southern Californians sign up for a fantastical evening of food, fun and the art of becoming a pirate. Staged around a huge 18th-century Spanish galleon replica, guests are seated in a six sided showroom surrounding a 250,000-gallon indoor lagoon where the action takes place.





Click on the video screens above to watch Pirate videos from the show


You'll enter the high seas and suspend belief as you're taken along for a ride filled with rowdy pirates, sword fights, wenches, a princess and theatrics that keep guests on their toes for a two hour show that includes a pirate's feast, music, interactive audience participation and lots of surprises. Imagine the flash of WWF wrestling with dramatically staged sword fights, Olympics acrobatics, show dialogue ranging from silly to slick, then roll it up in a Survival style team competition where your dining section roots on your color-coded pirate representative. It's an outrageous evening of pure escape that a frequent visitor to the show describes as "the best way to relieve freeway stress."

"Pirates, is awesome and fun and has a great story line," said Joshua Wiseman, a student from Desert High School, Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. He came with a busload of classmates who hooted, growled and cheered on their pirate during a dinner show filled with entertainment to rival any.


Located a few blocks from Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park and just down the street from Medieval Times Dinner Show, the Pirates Dinner Adventure entertains and handsomely feeds up to 500 people during each performance staged in a set that includes ballasts, rope bridges, masts, and lots of places for the entertainers to hang from, drop or climb above the audience.


What's amazing is that all ages are entertained by a magical combination of theatrics, song, silly dialogue, swordfights, gun shots and interaction that draws from the audience and involves up to 150 guests in the actual show. While you never know if you'll be picked, children have exceptional opportunities to be invited to join in the fun as they stand on stage in pirate costumes, or surround the lagoon to assist the pirates.


Six-year-old Anthony Hacking of Hemet liked the experience because, "it's fun." He carried his replica sword and wore his pirate hat, relishing the memory of the show.  His mom, Wendy, suggested that maybe Anthony was most impressed with the costumes and staging. "No, I liked the pirates," said Anthony, who knew precisely what impressed him most. Don't put words in this kid's mouth unless you say, ahoy!


High student Alicia Sierra pointed to the colorful costumes and interaction as her favorite things in the show. "It was all really great, but I thought the acting was superb," said the Desert High School student on the trip with Wiseman and others from Edwards AFB.


As for the grub, it was really good, said all the guests we interviewed. Completely satisfied with our chicken and seafood meal, the experience seemed well worth the price (under $60 for an adult), and is ideal for families, dates or even corporate meetings.  You'll definitely want to take off your tie and relax and the casual, fun dining experience that delights all ages.



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