peach stand seller
shopper feels peaches at fruit stand

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Peach Stand at Atascadero Farmers Market



Peach stand seller watches as a shopper feels the peaches at the Atascadero Farmers Market held weekly.


Peaches sold at the weekly Farmers Market in Atascadero are seasonally sold and enjoyed by those visiting Californiaa's Central Coast. In addition to peaches, you'll find apples, avocados, lemons, limes, oranges and lots of berries--blueberries, strawberries (a favorite), raspberries and other types.

The difference between buying your fruits and vegetables at the farmers market than a grocery store can be a matter of several things. The fruit and vegetables at the farmers market are locally grown. In the grocery stores, the produce can come from all over the globe. That imported produce may have been picked weeks earlier, picked prematurely, and include artificial enhancers or ripening agents.

Those living in California's farm belt enjoy farm to table foods, and we city folks who visit can enjoy it when we visit and shop at their local farmers markets.