Palm Springs Follies

Palm Springs Follies, Part of a Palm Springs Vacation


Maxine Sommersby: Maxine Sommers


While Palm Springs offers the expected kinds of entertainment they do have an incredible and unusual musical stage show—and I do mean unusual—namely the “ Palm Springs Follies.” The Follies’ chorus line of fabulous performers—all aged 56 to 84 years young—(yes, I did say 56 to 84) are a force of nature as they sing and dance their way through three hours of songs and fancy footwork during this marvelous extravaganza. 

     Each entertainer is living proof the golden years can be the best time of life for people who keep their talents and bodies locked to a positive mind set. Get ready to be stunned by the beauty of these long legged lovelies as they strut their stuff across the stage while wearing 3 inch heels and spectacular costumes that can reach nearly 11 feet in diameter. This by itself is miraculous.

     The brilliant colors of a peacock’s feathers have nothing on these ladies … it’s an eye popping moment when they appear on stage. Be sure to click on: www before you plan your next trip to Palm Springs and prepare to be amazed.  Tickets for the Palm Springs Follies range from approx. $50 to $100 and there is a matinee on select days. Location: 125 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, #209, Palm Springs, CA. Call: (760) 778-7654.

(760) 778-7654


     I leave you with this thought: Billie Burke once said, “Age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese.” Don’t you love it? 



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