woman sells blueberries at outdoor market
blueberries at fruit stand

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North County Atascadero Market Blueberries Stand


Atascadero, Calif.--The weekly Farmer's Market in Atascadero brings out the fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, breads, and even wines to the Central Coast Wine Country of the rich California growing region that stretches throughout the state.


Home to some outrageous delicious olives, artichokes and a variety of fresh foods, a reporter in the photo above interviews a grower selling dates at the event which is held each week on Wednesdays. On the day this picture was taken the temperature was 100 degrees, and not unusual for the the summer months in Atascadero. A range of small mountains block the ocean air from reaching the city, thus creating the heat that prevails in a semi-desert when the Pacific Ocean's influence is not close enough to keep the air cooled.


Shown in this picture are two seemingly cool folks, who probably live in the region and aren't strangers to the heat. In the background you'll see a poster that's used to promote this weekly farmer's market event, and a stand with tropical plants sold in pots.


We sought the reporter's story after attending the event and found a general coverage of the market appearing in one of the local newspapers. The newspapers on the Central Coast offer great local coverage of the issues and events relevant to the region. With San Luis Obispo's Cal Poly University nearby, there are also some indy style publications featuring cutting edge music and lifestyles.