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The world's largest Yo-yo can be seen at Chico's National Yo-Yo Museum (shown in the picture above, left). It includes a collection of vintage Terminators, Silver Bullets, SuperYO, the world's largest wooden yo-yo and Samurais. The world's largest yo-yo weighs 256 pounds. Called Big-Yo, the wooden yo-yo actually works! It was designed by Tom Kuhn.


Although the yo-yo's origin can be traced back several centuries, modern Duncan yo-yos came about in San Francisco when in 1928 or 1929 when Donald F. Duncan Sr. saw his first yo-yo while he was in San Francisco. He recognized the potential of the toy as he witnessed a crowd fascinated by importer Pedro Flores, perform yo-yo tricks with his Filipino wood-carved toy. Duncan purchased not only the idea of the yo-yo, but the Pedro Flores company itself and turned a product patent into a household name.


A craze during the 1930's when it ht the shelves running, nearly every boy throughout the U.S. who had a a buck or two to spend could buy a collection of yoyos and learn the tricks. Walking the Dog was a favorite intro to the world of yoyo-ing.


Yo! Your yoyo's come a long way since the "Rock the Baby" days.  With yoyos named "Yomega XBrain" for instance, you can enjoy a reliable four-way clutch system for long spins. Or how's about a "Yomega PowerBrain Wing" with its piston-like 4-way synchronized clutch system that engages simultaneously.


Featuring fluorescent colors and visible internal gears in a see-through resin, these babies look somewhat like today's skate wheels. Prices are still affordable with a decent model to be had for around $10 and even the next step up costing on $15.  If you purchase a full collection of yoyos you should plan to spend a couple hundred bucks.


Here are few tricks:

Around the Corner : Cradles the string around your shoulder, then spins and returns back again.

Around The World: Throw the yoyo out from your body at an angle, then spin it on its string in a 360 degree circle, then return it back to your hand.

Additional yoyo tricks include: Atomic Bomb, Barrel Rolls, Baseball, Brain Twister, Break Away, Buddha's Revenge, Creeper, Dizzy Baby, Dog Bite, Double Gerbil, Double or Nothing, Drop in the Bucket, Eiffel Tower, Elevator, Flag, Forward Pass, Gravity Pull, Hop the Fence, Lariat, Loop the Loop, Mach 5, Motorcycle, Over the Shoulder, Rattle Snake, Rewind, Ripcord, Rock the Baby, Roller Coaster, Runaway Dog, Run the Dog, Shoot the Moon, Two Handed Loops, Sleeper, Spaghetti, Split the Atom, 3 Leaf Clover, Through the Tunnel, Tidal Wave, Trapeze, UFO, Walk the Dog, Warp Drive
World Tour, Worm Hole and Zipper. To see videos of these tricks, check out yomega.com.



Learn more about the yo-yo at the National Yo-Yo Museum, 320 Broadway, Chico, California. nationalyoyo.org





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