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Morongo Valley Sign
morongo valley wildflowers

As you leave Los Angeles and head east toward the Mojave Desert on Interstate 10, rather than heading south to Palm Springs, you might want heard north to Morongo Valley where you can find the Joshua Tree National Park.


Along the highway you'll see towns named Yucca, Joshua and Morongo, where the land is usually parched and the soil blows easily, often creating dusty, windy vistas. Shown above is the view as you descend by car into this non-incorporated San Bernardino County community.


 Hot summers and cool winters bring wildflowers to the valley where you can see the San Bernardino mountain peaks topped with snow during the winter months. What a contrast! Dry, tan land of Morongo Valley framed by the white mountain crests transforms with the seasons. Spring in the Mojave Desert, where Morongo Valley sits, brings rugged yellow blossoms that spring forth from winter storms originating in the Pacific. The landscape is a sight to behold (and photograph), at this desert community on the western edge of the Mojave.


With a population of approx. 2000 hearty souls, life in the desert requires a tolerance for heat in the summer months during the time when the blossoms die from the parched, dry weather conditions. In the spring there's a delightful festival held in the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. This San Bernardino County city appreciates the beauty of the desert and likes to celebrate with festivities.


 Morongo Valley Spring Festival, at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and Covington Park, is a family event where visitors can learn about gardening in the desert, desert animals, games, crafts and story-telling (at Morongo Valley Public Library).

This annual event that celebrates recreation, conservation and education also includes bird watching, docent-led hikes and the Spring Flower Walk. This all-day event launches with a  Pancake Breakfast at Covington Park, then bird watching where visitors can see some of the 250 species that stop at the Preserve during their annual migrations.

The Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is located at 11055 East Drive, Morongo Valley, and Covington Park adjoins the Preserve at 50100 Park Ave, Morongo Valley, California. Call (760) 363-6454.


Morongo Valley map



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